News of the Embassy of the Russian Federation

The solemn opening of the memorial complex of G.K.Zhukov after radical reconstruction which took place on November, 3rd in Ulaanbaatar became an important stage of preparation for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the victory on the Khalkhin-Gol.

The Minister of Defense of Mongolia Lu.Bold, Mongolian military leaders, the Russian military delegation led by the first deputy of the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation lieutenant-general A.G.Burutin, veterans, representatives of the joint Mongolian-Russian enterprises and public organizations participated in ceremony.

The memorial complex, located on one of the central streets of the Mongolian capital, consists of the house-museum of G.K.Zhukov and the square with a monument to the legendary commander. It is a symbol of a brotherhood of Armed Forces of Russia and Mongolia, traditional friendship of the people of two countries. The memorial, opened by the decree of the government of Mongolia in 1979, plays the important role in patriotic education of youth, in strengthening of cooperation of our two countries and peoples.

There are more than three thousand documents in an exposition and house-museum funds that tell about life of G.K.Zhukov, operations on the Khalkhin-Gol, the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, commonwealth of Armed Forces of Russia and Mongolia.

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Mongolia B.A.Govorin underlined, large-scale reconstruction of a memorial complex was carried out in 2007-2008 at the initiative of the Embassy and on means of the Russian side with assistance of the Ministries of Defense of two countries, administrations of Ulaanbaatar and the veteran organizations at the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Victory on the Khalkhin-Gol.

On behalf of the Russian Federation, its citizens B.A.Govorin expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia, city administration of Ulaanbaatar for joint work on the reconstruction of memorial.

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